About Us

Junior Bombers are a youth wrestling organization which provides instruction to Boonton and Lincoln Park children.  We offer beginner, intermediate and advance classes in our different programs. 

Our program is for beginner, intermediate & advanced children in grades 2-8.

  Our coaching staff works to teach the fundamentals of wrestling along with conditioning and other attributes, such as the rules of wrestling, points and scoring system.  Some additional qualities the children will learn is teamwork, sportsmanship, responsibility and control.

 Junior Bombers coaching staff is lead by Luke Stefanacci and Richard Anderson aka: (Birdy)

Birdy offers over twenty years of coaching experience at Boonton Wrestling.  He has been head coach for the Junior Bombers since 1996.  The assistant coaches range form beginner, intermediate and advanced experience levels and are able to provide quality detailed verbal and physical instructions to guide the team to success. 

 Junior Bombers Organization Program Playbook

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